Back in Brussels!

Hello friends! After a year-long adventure in the U.S., I am now back in Brussels. First impressions: improbable amount of sunshine, cool new spots to drink coffee and work, and the biggest plus, food tastes great! (Sorry DC, but your supermarket produce has never been the strongest...) Coming soon, a drawing about my new favourite coffeeshop in Ixelles, plus a list of the top 10 things from this past year. So stay tuned here or on Instagram. Cheers, Zsofi

California, here we come

Last week I traveled to California for the first time ever. Here is a recap of the things I saw.


Lots of small things have happened since the last post. I drew a couple of new buildings, one of them is a creative wokshop space called The Lemon Bowl, and the other one is a bike shop on 18th street.The last one depicts this awesome newish coffee place in Park view called Colony Club. If they were a bit closer, I would hang out there all the time, it's the perfect coffeeshop, really. The owner liked the image so much that he got a print for the place.

I also collaborated with a very talented and energetic friend, Jess Solomon from Art in Praxis. Together we made a zine about how to have great meetings. You can download it HERE

We had friends over, whose visit made for a very inspirational weekend:

Obviously, this was NOT the best thing about having them over!

Also, something really cool happened a few weeks back. My favourite account/website, A Creative DC shared one of my paintings and it got an incredible response on instagram! Now I know it's not necessarily because of my genious, and much more due to the subject of the pic, but still, it so cool! Also, bit thanks to my friend Vordecker aka Csuday Gabor for the original photograph. People were so enthusiastic that I opened up a shop to sell the print.

Also, I drew some tapirs.

Next week is going to be an exciting one. I'm involved in an online campaign with The One Campaign and there is a chance that Bill Gates is going to see one of my drawings! so i better get on that now. Cheers to all!