I'm a illustrator originally from Hungary. I draw for annual reports, publications, book jackets, create hand-drawn infographics and do live graphic recording and digital sketchnotes at events.


My background in international relations and NGO work keeps me in tune with the needs of a wide range of clients, from foundations to large international organisations, small NGOs, lobbies, but also tech companies and other corporate clients. 

How I work

My work is usually a collaboration between the client and myself. After the briefing, we brainstorm ideas together and create a clear framework for the project. Based on your feedback, I make images that serve your purpose well and also add to your branding. Whether I work live at events or from my desktop, my goal is to understand your needs and offer visual solutions that are concise, effective and leave a lasting impression.

 Photo: Morgan Hungerford West

Photo: Morgan Hungerford West